Adventure travel trade association

Visualizing todays adventure traveling consumer

Graphic Design

in Collaboration with

ATTA marketing and editorial staff

The Adventure Travel Trade Association wanted to define current motivations for adventure travelers to share with their industry associates.

As the result of new consumer research, the ATTA re-examined the definition of Adventure travel and wanted to convey the more nuanced version of the definition of Adventure Travel as well as showing current motivations. 

The ATTA created a rough outline of key data points and travel concepts for an infographic. They were looking to distill these concepts into a visually appealing and easily digestible infographic and also be able to take separate pieces from it to use in trade show presentations. 

I began with a rough black and white illustrator sketch to establish overall layout and visualization of different concepts. 

ATTA had minor comments on the sketch and chose the a Motivations section design option. Then I proceed to a tight layout with design attributes that closely followed ATTA brand guidelines. Below is the final graphic.

Lesley was fantastic to work with as she took time to understand our data so that she could properly design it in an-easy-to-digest fashion. Her process was logical and gave time for me to give input at various stages and get stakeholder buy-in on my side. The infographic was right on point with our branding and our needs.

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